Miami Artist Erni Vales Shares The Story Behind Lil Kim's Iconic Louis Vuitton Outfit

lil kim louis 2

There are just certain photos in music history that either perfectly capture a moment for an artist, or are so spot on in their creativity that they become iconic, etched into our mind as a definitive visual. Think of John Lennon in his New York City T-shirt with his arms crossed or Barron Claiborne’s snapshot of Biggie donning a crown. How about Kurt Cobain in a frumpy sweater, guitar in hand during his Unplugged performance?

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Graffiti artist Erni Vales takes credit for one of the most iconic images of the early aughts; Lil Kim suited in a leather one-piece outfit adorned with the LV logo of Louis Vuitton for Interview magazine’s November 1999 issue (pictured above). That’s the Kim we all love and miss. REVOLT caught up with Vales over the weekend at Art Basel in Miami, FL where he shared the story behind the image . Click here to watch the interview.