Sony Execs Slam Leonardo DiCaprio in Latest of Leaked Emails



Everyone loves Leonardo DiCaprio…well except Sony Entertainment, it seems.

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Sony executives had a few words to say about Leonardo DiCaprio, and trust us when we say they weren’t exactly the nicest. In the most recent of Sony’s leaked emails, producer Mark Gordon calls DiCaprio’s behavior “horrible,” referring to him bailing out on his role in the Steve Job biopic. A surprising response came from Amy Pascal, Sony Entertainment Pictures co-chair, who said it was “actually despicable.”

Whoa! Talk about harsh and slightly uncalled for, since it was made clear through the emails that DiCaprio did not leave the project based on money. It was solely off of artistic differences. So does that really make the star “despicable?” It looks like Amy has a lot more apologizing to do than what she may of planned for.