You Won't Believe Who Kim Kardashian Cropped Out of Her Selfie



Yesterday night Kim Kardashian posted yet another selfie to her Instagram, however it seems she broke a major rule that has not gone unnoticed. If you take a look, Mrs. West cropped out her own child, North West in her photo, and trust her fans are not happy with this move.

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Now, it’s no secret that when it come to the spotlight, or Instagram, Kim is a little selfish but no one expected her to actually crop out North, I mean the child is adorable! After all, there are plenty of other pictures taken from that night where Kim proudly displayed her daughter, and  her adorable cousins, for all to see.

There’s not telling what the purpose was for this picture fail…must we point out that we can obviously see North’s head still in the picture? But tell us what you think of this mom’s selfie move?