Iggy Azalea Responds To Q-Tip’s Hip-Hop History Lesson: “I Find it Patronizing”

Iggy Azalea | Source: Complex

Iggy Azalea | Source: NME

Iggy Azalea didn’t hold back when addressing Q-Tip after his hip-hop briefing on Twitter, and apparently neither did Lupe Fiasco or Azalea Banks (as if that’s a surprise).

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Tip, who genuinely seemed concerned by Banks’ socio-political opinions on Iggy decided to give his food for thought in a series of tweets that elaborated on the socioeconomic and geopolitics of hip-hop—Hip-Hop 101 if you will. His intent, to provide Iggy (and every one of us, for that matter) with a cultural lesson on the roots of the urban genre. It took Iggy two days to respond—and I thought she wouldn’t—but she did.  Can we really consider it a comeback…or insult? I’m not completed sure, but for your viewing pleasures it’s all there, down below, in its embedded glory.

After Iggy’s mention of Lupe in a tweet, he too spoke his peace.

Of course Banks chimed in with the following set of tweets:



She also tweeted this game changer, which appears to have been deleted. Luckily, the power of the screenshot saved it.

Azalea Banks Tweet