Cast your votes for the best hip-hop album of 2014


Every year—particularly during the month of December—the G*FM staff gets together (typically on a Tuesday) and argues over who’s provided hip-hop with the best album of 2014. We take it pretty seriously and begin the discussion early in the year by calling dibs on the prospects. As the year (and projects) unveil, the debates become heated. I’m not kidding…but then again, who doesn’t argue about album of the year? It’s a crucial discussion that’s had among hip-hop junkies all over the world—there’s no doubt about it.

When Mick Jenkins dropped The Water[s]my ears felt like they died and went to heaven. When Killer Mike and El-P dropped Run The Jewels 2, the internet nearly broke. Needless to say, any rap album that was released in the year of 2014 is worthy of being nominated for it’s musical excellence. Below are our main picks of the year. We’ve extending the voting your way so that one of us can take home the bragging rights, get treated to pizza and yell “Told you so fam” in the other’s face. Okay, so I’m exaggerating. None of us say “fam” and a couple of us actually agreed on one pick. Pizza also isn’t necessarily my first choice in food, but still your participation is necessary—for the sake of argument.

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Cast your votes below and help one of us be great. And if you think there’s an album not listed (that should be) drop a comment below or shoot us a tweet @GoodFellaMedia. Happy Voting and Happy Holidays!

Update: 2014’s best hip-hop album goes to Mick Jenkins for The Water[s].