Frankie P Talks ‘Sancocho,’ ‘Chopped Cheese’ & No He’s Not Referring To Food

Frankie P.
Frankie P is a 28-year-old Music Producer/Audio Engineer from Washington Heights who’s been on his A-game, especially as of recent. He began making a name for himself in college, where he was able to get his feet wet and experience music production first hand. See, after Frankie P graduated—yes, he graduated—he continued his career path in Music Production by networking and taking no days off from building his talent. Frankie’s hard work led him to link and share his talent with a few notable artists such as A$AP Ferg, Onyx, B-Real, Audubon, Camille Safiya, Bodega Bamz, Juelz Santana and A$ton Matthews, just to name a few. I was able to catch up with Frankie P and find out what he’s been up to lately. Below you’ll get to know who he is, and the story that accounts for his success in the music world.

Interview by Talisha Liburd (@MsLiburd)

GFM: Let’s start off with you telling us what your nationality is? You look mixed….

FP: I am mixed. My father is Dominican and mother is Ecuadorian, I grew up with my father’s side of the family, so I’m more on the Dominican side, but my mother is definitely Ecuadorian. Guayaquil! I don’t rep it like that. I have to go out there and experience it more.

Have you been to Ecuador?

When I was like maybe two or three years old, but when ever my mother goes out there I always tell her to bring me back music, like a lot old bolero stuff because you never know where you can find samples. You know Ecuadorian music—they definitely have some dope stuff too.

Even though your mom is Ecuadorian, is sancocho a household dish?

You know what’s crazy? Sancocho is a household dish, but I don’t eat it like that. I just named my newest project that, but if my grandma is making it I might have a plate. It’s not something I would order at a Dominican restaurant though.

As a latina with a Dominican background, I am very aware of what “sancocho” is, but the term might sound foreign to those who don’t have a Latin background. Talk to me about the concept behind your project, Sancocho, and also explain what it is for those who don’t know.

Yeah, well I mean I’m not no chef, but sancocho is basically a popular soup in the Latin culture. They throw a ton shit in the there…wait, what do they put in a sancocho mattafact?

It literally has a ton of stuff from yam, hen, potatoes to red meat, chicken, oxtails, corn on a cob and more.

Yea,  really lumpy but it taste amazing.

When is it the best time to eat sancocho?

Holidays! Definitely when it’s cold out, but that’s basically why I named my project Sancocho. Because I feel like my musical style is a whole lot of different things—like I might be doing R&B, rap or some jazz stuff, but it’s still all a collective sound. I just added it all together in one project like a ‘Sancocho.”

When listening to your older projects like “Hazy Nights in the Heights,” I noticed you incorporated some jazz. You also recently showed a liking towards the musical genre by retweeting  APT78 about a “Jazz mixed w/ hiphop night” they were having. Is jazz your favorite genre?

Umm not really. When I sit down and make music I don’t intend to make things sound jazzy. That’s kinda just like the sound, I guess, of one of the keys that I play. It makes that jazzy sound come out. I’m definitely influenced by my father. He used to have a lot of old records and CDs so I started producing/sampling, and so whenever I would sample music I would pick CD’s from his stuff. Maybe that’s where that stems from, but you know people have to just broaden what they listen to. It’s not all hip-hop, it’s not all trap shit and it’s not all bachata. You gotta dibble and dabble in different stuff.  I’m just inspired by it.

Facts! Are there any other special musical talents that you have? Do you play the guitar, keys?

I play keys. I took piano lessons back in college and then I took some other classes while I was over here so I’m comfortable around the keyboard. I did take guitar lessons, but that shit is hard as hell and you’d get bumps all over your fingers. I mean I’m trying to get back into it, but you know it takes time.

Speaking of college, I know that you graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Music Business Bachelor degree and a Minor in Audio Engineering. I hear you got stories to tell about your experiences in college. Do you think those experiences opened doors for you and if so how?

I used to work with this group called “Chemistry.” Shoutout to my boys Dave and Sif,. Dave is actually now in a group called the “Oxy-Morons” out of Queens I believe. They’re doing their thing. So they had a group called “Chemistry” back then. We did a song with Juelz Santana called “Get Down” and that was like my first taste of the music industry. I was still new to everything, but shit started moving and they started getting magazine placements and Juelz came and did the video. So the timing, while being in college and just meeting new friends, and you know when you’re in college you wild out and party every weekend. It was just a really good time. That was my real first taste of what music can do for you, how far it can take you—it can help you travel, help you meet people. 25 Cherry was the crib! Ask around. It was the SPOT!

Ha! I see you pushing a lot of Camille Safiya’s music. Are you managing her?

Nah. Adam actually manages her. I produced her entire first project, which is Island Blues. And now on the second project I have a couple of joints on there. I’m also DJing her stuff now.

I also caught a tweet you sent out to Dej Loaf about some fire beats. Did she ever respond?

No, but I do have some fire for her if she reads this shit. I do have some fire for you! 

You made this dope track as well as a music video for it called “Chopped Cheese” with our boy Audubon. Talk to me about that record.

So “Chopped Cheese” is Audubon’s new record. It’s coming out on the Le Trap Affair  album. I probably made the beat a year ago. Audubon actually made that song coming back home from Miami. Reason and I went to pick him up from the airport and on the way back we were playing the beat to “Chopped Cheese” in the car. So he started freestyling to it. That’s why in the beginning of the track he says “Yo I’m just gunna go off the dome” like that whole first verse is really a freestyle, and then after the hook he actually raps some written shit. That’s just a little taste of what’s going to be on the Le Trap Affair album. I have a couple of joints on there as well, but overall the album consist of stuff we’ve been giving you—just on the next level because we’re always pushing the envelope musically and just making more fire shit.

So when will we get a taste of your “Sancocho” project?

The tape drops the 29th, but Monday the 15th I’m dropping “Machete Music” by Bodega Bamz featuring Camille Safiya.

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