Feminists Are Gonna Love This ‘All About That Bass’ Parody

People went wild for Meghan Trainor‘s single “All About That Bass” that promoted body confidence, especially for you voluptuous babes that don’t fit into that size 2. However, its parody ‘B***h In Business’ takes a more intellectual approach by shooting down those sexists, misogynists, and business men who are threatened by women having a real presence in the workforce.

Some genius lines in the song include: “Act like a man, get called a b***h” and “Don’t worry about brains, just twerk those feminine wiles.” The extra touch is added when the ladies spray cleaning supplies while dancing all over the room; it’s hilarious.

However, the favorite line of the tune has to be: “Gettin’ called b***h means I’m doing something right.” Ladies, not everyone is going to be happy when you hit it big so prepare for it now. Shake off the haters like the honorable Taylor Swift and work for that money.