Diddy to Drake "You Will Never Disrespect Me"

Via Entertainmentwise.com

Via Entertainmentwise.com


The internet was buzzing about how Diddy punched Drake early this morning outside of LIV night club in Miami, FL.

Yes, Puff Daddy clocked the “Recognize” rapper ┬áduring a conversation about business. Somewhere along the line, we’re guessing there was a conflict because eye witnesses caught Diddy saying “You will never disrespect me,” before throwing the punch.

Don’t worry though, it was only one punch. Drake was a little thrown off, but no fatal wounds were made.

It’s said the fight was over Diddy’s girlfriend, but we’re waiting for the full story. Hopefully this isn’t another Chris Brown and Rihanna or Karrueche situation. But we’re sure Drake will set us straight.