This Is The Real Reason Christina Threw A Fit At Disney Land

Fun birthday celebration at the happiest place on earth #disneyland

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Christina Aguilera recently spent her 34th birthday at “the happiest place on Earth”, Disney land. At least it was the happiest until Christina got there.

According to recent reports,¬†The Voice¬†star threw a fit at Disney Land which resulted in her calling Mickey Mouse an “a**hole”. Apparently, the star and her crew were trying to get a picture with the icon right when he was going on break, meaning Christina had to wait till he came back. She was not having any of that and in addition to calling Mickey names she asked “Do you know who I am?”

Mickey’s answer must not of been good enough because Christina’s crew started threatening him. Security was called but by the time they got there Mickey had already made his escape. The poor mouse had to be escorted to a safe zone.

We wonder if he ever got that break.