6 Of Biggie Smalls’ Best Quotables From ‘Born Again’

Biggie Smalls

Born May 21, 1972, Christopher George Latore Wallace was raised in a less than friendly environment. He learned his way around the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY through his own gained street knowledge which—let’s just say—did not place him in the best situations. Arrested because of weapon charges, drugs and violation of his probation, it seemed the unforgiving incarceration system was destined to hold on to him for good. However, through rap Christopher Wallace found away to escape the chains of crime that he’d been wrapping himself with. He started off writing down bars in the privacy of his own room, later battling other local rappers in the street. Wallace decided to spontaneously make a demo tape under the name Biggie Smalls, with no real intent of scoring a record deal. Little did he know that DJ Mister Cee would come across it and promote all the way until it hit the feet of Uptown Records A&R record producer, Sean Combs. It was history from then

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History as we know tends to repeat itself even in the world of hip-hop. We’ve lost many great artists too soon from Eazy-E in ’95, Tupac Shakur in ’96, and Biggie Smalls in ’97. But their legacies have continued to live through their music. Born Again was an album released to honor the late, great Notorious B.I.G. on December 7, 1999. Through that very album, his legacy still stands tall, 15 years later. To honor B.I.G. we’ve broken down some of the best quotables on the album.