Anonymous to MTV: “We’re Sorry But You Asked For It”

It seems that the collective of hackers called Anonymous have chosen a new target for their threats, MTV.  Earlier this morning the group posted on their Twitter account,@TheAnonMessage, their dissatisfaction of how MTV has handled their public messages.

This comes after MTV weekend editor, Caitlin White, posted an article regarding the group supposedly threatening to release a sex tape of rapper, Iggy Azalea.  Anonymous is accusing MTV of generating rumors and distorting what the group is really about and are demanding that MTV take down the article and release an apology.

If we think that the Sony Pictures leaked emails scandal was bad, be prepared for Anonymous to top that. They made it very clear that if their demands are not met then they will destroy the company, simply because they can.

It’s been a matter of hours and MTV still hasn’t taken down the article, it looks like they aren’t budging but neither is Anonymous.