Troubled Amanda Bynes Is Back On Track

Bynes 1

The past few years of Amanda Bynes life have been nothing less than chaotic. The media has had a field day with her twitter rants, rumors of medication and drug abuse, and just overall crazy physical appearance. However, it looks like Ms. Bynes has finally turned her life around.

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Sources close to Bynes told TMZ that 28-year-old Amanda is, “acting completely normal and off all meds, including adderall.” This is great news considering that Amanda revealed that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder via Twitter. Her parents are starting to reward the positive changes that she has begun to make in her life by allowing her to have partial access to her bank accounts once again.

TMZ has also reported that Bynes has taken up a number of new hobbies to assist with her new positive way of life such as meditation, pilates, yoga and reading.

She is an extremely talented actress that has immense potential, hopefully she will stay on the straight path although her doctors have warned her and her parents about the chance of relapse.