Alex Wiley Makes His Way To The 'Top Of the World' With New Release

Alex Wiley is back with some new music that is meant to change our perspectives of his style. His new release, “Top Of The World” truly delivers when presenting us with a new sound of Wiley that we have yet to see.


Twenty-one year old Hyde Park, Chicago native Alex Wiley, has taken the hip-hop scene by storm since the release of Village Party in June. He captured us with his new mash up style of rap, pop and rock, shown in songs such as “Vibration” and “Sexual Dolphin.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Wiley states:

“I’m trying to make music that that kid who was going through a lot of shit would have wanted to hear, and would have helped him get through his day.”

Wiley reveals to the Huffington Post that he wants his music to surpass the expected car head-nods and wants to provoke thought and introspection through his musical art.

“I’m trying to make music that’s uncomfortable, but the sound is progressive enough and intriguing enough that it makes you listen to something that you wouldn’t necessarily have before,” Wiley said. “I want it to be more than just something you can put on and nod your head to with your friends in your car, but I don’t want it to be limited to something that you can only listen to by yourself because it’s so sad and introspective that you feel awkward listening to it with other people.”

He also expresses his desire to rise above the fray of other upcoming rappers claiming he “wants his music to stand beyond now” and essentially make him proud of his work in the future.

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On this particular track, Wiley gives us an interlude that is both mysterious and beautiful by inviting us into a part of his past – his high school experience. The 16 year old he describes on the record feels like he can do anything “as long as he is not being lazy, as long as these ni***s don’t play him, as long as he stays by lonesome, and as long  ni***s don’t really know him.” However, there is one place where people can find him and connect with him: “on top of the world,” also the place where his generous drug dealer would allow him to escape to.

Wiley reveals his upcoming project, titled Silent Party, is “loosely” based on his high school experience.

“But it was about a kid who’s having a hard time in school, flunking out of high school basically. A lot of shit’s going on in his life, he’s really depressed and he’s suicidal. He plans to kill himself every weekend after school, but every Friday he has a ritual that he buys weed and his dealer always gives him more than he pays for.”

Alex Wiley will be headlining a free show in Chicago on Wednesday, December 10th.