10 Times Nicki Minaj Broke The Internet

Nicki Minaj

Today marks Nicki Minaj‘s 32nd birthday—hard to believe, we know! Without her, the hip-hop world (and Black Twitter) would inevitably be a different place. Sure, Kim Kardashian‘s booty makes the world go equally as round (no pun intended), but her antics are simply not as frequent as Nicki’s.

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I think we all can admit that there has been more than one occasion on which the Young Money rapper was the talk of the town (every town), and it doesn’t seem like she plans to stop now. But quite frankly, we wouldn’t want her to. So, in light of what is Nicki Minaj, the Harajuku Barbie, we’re celebrating her birthday with 10 of our favorite ‘Nicki-Minaj-broke-the-internet’ moments.