Feelin’ Like ’94: Tracking The Freddie Gibbs Shooting & Its Aftermath

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For those true hip-hop fans who wanted real beef in the game (I don’t know why that is a good thing, but okay) again your wish has been granted. No I’m not talking about the beefing lightskins Tyga and Drake. That’s some middle school shit. I’m talking about Freddie Gibbs getting shot at after his show in Brooklyn last night.

That’s right if you haven’t heard Gangsta Gibbs and his crew were shot at by an unknown shooter ten times. Two of Gibbs crew members were injured, and in stable condition. When asked about the shooting by the New York Post Gibbs said “They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me.” Okay. So am I the only one who thinks that is not the reason shots were targeted towards Gibbs? That’s what I thought.

The shooting comes in the aftermath of Gibbs questioning New York rapper Jim Jones’ affiliation with street gangs. Gibbs clowned on Jones a little bit on Instagram and told a fan who asked if Jones was a Vice Lord “hell Na he wanna be a blood.” Jones, whose reputation has been questioned before is not afraid of beef. Him and Max B got into a pretty serious back and forth back in the day so don’t put it past Jones to be somewhat involved.

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Fast forward to tonight. Hot 97’s Funk Flex went on air and dropped some shots towards Gibbs way in one of those infamous Flex rants that ended in Flex challenging Gibbs to make a hit record in the next 48 hours. Damn. We haven’t heard from Gibbs’ camp, but apparently Flex isn’t that familiar with Gibbs. While he may be considered “underground” the boy can spit and make songs. If you need to be reminded please go check out Piñata, BFK and this. More details should unfold in the coming days as to what was behind the shooting and whether Gibbs takes Flex up on that challenge. Stay tuned.