Three Grandmas Just Got High For The First Time And Recorded It

Back in granny’s day, smoking pot was a big no no. However, now that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in a few states, three grannies were given the opportunity to give the green a try.  After a video of 3 grandmas getting stoned for the first time was released, it has been spreading like wildfire.

The video is hilarious and will have you laughing for hours; even on one of the worst days of your life. Once they give the pot some time to kick in, the memorable quotes just kept on coming.

“I can feel some tingle in my brain,” reveals one of the grandmas five minutes after her hits.

Ten minutes later one of the grannies mistakes a vaporizer for a dildo.

A whopping thirty minutes later, one grandma said, “I could go iron now for days. I love to iron.” And shortly after the three lovely ladies are educated on what queefing is!

However, one of the Nanas hits the nail on the head when she mutters while laughing”I’m feeling like I really don’t care, or understand.”


Although one of the Grandmas claim that she doesn’t feel the need to ever do it again, the other Grannies hope that it is soon decriminalized completely.

Stoners, this video is definitely a step in the right direction for you.