Why The Situation Is The Worst Tenant Ever

Via Mediaequalizer.com

Via Mediaequalizer.com

The Situation, aka Mike Sorrentino,  seems to have a problem on his hands, a legal problem that his. His landlord, Pat Giganti, is going to the courts Monday to ask a judge to remove the reality star from his home in Manchester, NJ.  But what could Mike have possibly done to deserve this?

The Situation apparently has a history of completely trashing his home, at least when it comes to Giganti. The first incident, which happened two years ago, in a home that cost around $750K.  However, it appears Giganti didn’t learn from his mistakes when he rented him yet another home costing  $700K.

Giganti claims they home was a complete mess. There were bottles at the bottom of the pool, the pool liner had tears, holes in the walls. But what can you expect from the Jersey Shore star?

But that’s not all, apparently Mike is also a deadbeat who is behind on his rent. He’s even facing charges of tax fraud. Poor Mike, we hope everything works out for him soon.