The First Look at Kanye West's Adidas Yeezis Have Finally Been Leaked


I was pretty hyped when I heard Kanye West was continuing his Yeezy line of kicks over at Adidas. I thought it was a step toward overtaking Nike for Adidas. Then I saw the speculative version of West’s “Yeezi” shoe.Someone snapped a flick of West showing off the shoe on a plane and leaked it to the masses. It may just be me, but I think West needs to return to Nike cause this first design is a little weak.

The Yeezy 2 under Nike is one of my favorite shoe designs in recent memory. These Adidas kicks are clearly geared towards the more fashion conscience side (which I clearly am not) so maybe this shoe won’t be a flop. Maybe the color schemes West has planned will enhance this design because if Adidas plans on releasing that shoe as is (I doubt West nor Adidas plan on that) then Nike will just laugh and continue to rake in that Yeezy 2 money.