Looks Like We Won't Be Seeing "The Cosby Show" Anymore


I’m sure by now all of you have heard about the sexual assault accusations mounting against Bill Cosby. Well it turns out people are starting to listen because viewers are noticing that TV Land has officially pulled “The Cosby Show” off of their website.

According to TMZ, viewers used to be able to look up video clips and air date information regarding the sitcom series. At the show’s bitter end on TVLand.com, an error message now appears whenever attempting to view the links.

As far as airing, “The Cosby Show” is scheduled to appear this upcoming Sunday. However, when TMZ officials reached out to the network, they were given “No comment”. So I wouldn’t hold my breathe to see the Huxtables this Sunday if I were you.

Not to mention all of this is happening after a comedy series that Cosby was in the process of developing with NBC was abandoned once the sexual assault allegations surfaced. Poor Bill; it’s really not looking good.