TCCVX Releases Music Video for Single "Love You"

When is it time to say, “Enough is enough?” Well TCVVX is just as clueless as we are. In his new video for the single “Love You,” him and his girlfriend just can’t decide when to call it quits. TCVXX co-stars with London Zhiloh where the two start off passionately kissing up against a wall and quickly end up aggressively fighting, leaving both parties in tears.

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TCCVX leads off the song with, “As much as we argue, as much as we fight/ It’s getting harder to be here without you at night.”  How romantic; can’t live with each other and apparently can’t live without each other either. This heavy R&B single is perfect to play in the background after fighting with your girl. It’s calming and catchy, the perfect combo.