Find Out Why This Street Peddler Is Suing Kanye West, Jay Z & Frank Ocean

Kanye, Frank Ocean, Jay Z

One daring soul was brave enough to sue Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean and you won’t believe for what.

The man’s name is Joel Marc, a street peddler who claims that the trio stole his song, “Made in America”. We know, it sounds completely out there but this man’s story is pretty interesting.

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Marc says he was outside the Mercer Hotel, in SOHO, peddling his CDs. This is where West, Ocean and Jay rented a bunch of rooms an recorded the third part to Jay Z’s album, “Watch the Throne”. Anyway long story short, producer Mike Dean actually bought one of Marc’s CDs and next thing Marc knows his song, “Made in America” is number 11 on Jay’s album.

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We haven’t even told you the best part. One of the producers on “Watch the Throne” is Mike Dean.

Marc is demanding a cut of the profits and has taken the case to a federal level to get it.

In the mean time. check out the tracks for yourself and tell us if you see any similarities.