Stephen Collins is Out For Revenge After Being Fired From Major Film

Stephen Collins participates in the panel for "No Ordinary Family" in Beverly Hills, California in this file photo

According to, Stephen Collins was fired from starring in a major film 2 hours after the audio recording of his child molestation confession leaked to the public. He claims after losing the opportunity to play a role in “Ted 2,” he lost a profit of approximately 75K not including residuals. Former “7th Heaven” star does not plan on receiving any acting offers at least until the end of the year.

So as a response Collins plans on going after ex-wife, Faye Grant, by taking away any monthly spousal support . He wants her to be punished for anything said in the recording because it was secretly made and unlawfully released becauseĀ it was made in a therapy session. Collins, maybe it would just be better to lay low at this point.