Stalley Talks LeBron Jame’s Loyalty To Ohio & Paying Homage To Eazy-E

In a previous interview with us, Stalley stated that LeBron James (at the time a Cleveland Cavalier) would be dumb to leave Ohio. Needless to say, as we all know by now, he did. Four years later, we circled back to the topic and asked the Ohio native about James and his loyalty to the state.

“He (LeBron) left and he came back.  That’s loyalty. I left and I’m still loyal. I haven’t lived in Ohio in 14yrs and i’m naming my album in “O.H.I.O.” How loyal is that?” —Stalley

Pretty damn loyal!

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Stalley also made it clear that the integration of an Eazy-E sample and Little Eazy in his “Jackin Chevys” visual was him “paying homage” to the late great rapper. The Ohio representative mentioned that both him and Little Eazy have a great relationship and Momma Eazy actually allowed them to use their Compton home to shoot the video for the record.

“Little Eazy, I met him a few years back. We always vibed and connected. His family welcomed me into the home of where Eazy-E actually stayed in Compton. His mom allowed me to use the house for the video. It was an honor and it was definitely a dope thing to give back to them. They were overjoyed that I can pay that type of homage to their son and father.”