Ruffling Feathers: Seahawks Star Corner Richard Sherman & Receiver Doug Baldwin Put NFL On Blast

Sherman and Baldwin

Richard Sherman has made one thing extremely clear in his time in the NFL. He doesn’t give a f*ck what you think. He has no buffer. And that’s why we love him. Sherman has clowned Michael Crabtree, Patrick Peterson, Skip Bayless and now the NFL. In a hilarious press conference featuring fellow Stanford buddy and Seahawk teammate, receiver Doug Baldwin, the two call out the league for its $100,000 fine on their teammate Marshawn Lynch for not talking to the media after the game.

Sherman and Baldwin call the league out for only allowing players to talk about sponsorships and topics the league have interest in and scoff at the notion that the league cares about the player’s welfare (2 games in 5 days is a lot on the body). There is no question these two will be fined by His Royal Incompetence, Roger Goodell, the question is how much. Either way Sherman and Baldwin sent a clear message and already had the last laugh.