Lil Wayne And Christina Milian “Start A Fire”

Last night Lil Wayne took the stage at the American Music Awards and performed his new single “Start a Fire,” with assistance from ex-or-maybe-current girlfriend Christina Milian. On the cut Weezy raps about being in love with his perfect match, a “hot girl” that makes the former Fireman want to settle down. The track is certainly a commercial effort by Weezy to get fans to purchase The Carter V when it drops on December 9. But with lyrics like:

“I’m like goodness gracious, great wall of China/All we do is fuck all day, all mañana/It’s a cold world, I stay warm inside her/Make her perspire, sweat, blood, and crying/Goodness gracious, great God almighty/She fuck me like a king, Stephen, Martin, Rodney/We break all of monotony, baby we high commodity/They just don’t get it”

We really don’t get it, and we probably won’t be getting that album either.

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