Kim Kardashian Tries To Break Internet…Again


Kim Kardashian has graced her presence yet again. With Kim receiving 20 new social media followers a minute, it would be crazy to let this reality star slip through the cracks. So it wasn’t shocking when Elle UK released three covers of Kim, all shockingly a little bit more conservative than we are used to. The first cover features Kardashian playfully eating the icing of a cupcake; but you’ll never believe it, with clothes on! It’s sexy, playful, and back to what we know and love about Kim.

cover_Jan_NEWSThe second is of Ms. West posing in a hot long white blouse with her well-known long locks flowing in the wind. Classy, sexy, and full of style; Kardashian, you better keep the photos released to the public as classy as this one. You’re starting to undo some damage from those full frontals.

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subs_cover_NEWSAnd what is Kim’s most well known asset? Her curves! So it was considered more than appropriate that the last cover featured a tight ensemble that showed off exactly what she’s working with. Also plastered on the cover is the saying “And God Created Kim” to add that extra touch. That may be pushing the envelope a bit far but no one can deny that these covers are straight perfection.