Jennifer Lopez Releases Tell- All Book 'True Love' Revealing Ben Affleck Heartbreak

porada jlo

So we can now add Jennifer Lopez to the list of stars opening up about past relationships! In her new memoir, “True Love,” J-Lo goes into detail describing¬†her past breakups and reveals her favorite¬†thing in the world: to be in love.

However, there were a lot of bumps along the way. Within the book she reveals how bad Ben Affleck broke her heart. It messed with her head because she had taken so much time planning an extravagant wedding only to be left not long before the big day. Then she receives another slap in the face because it was reported that Affleck was dating Jennifer Garner only a few months later. Ouch!

Could Affleck be the reason for Lopez getting with Marc Anthony not long after? Who knows! But one thing I do know is that J-Lo, Affleck was not that great and I’m 100% sure there is better out there.