Intuition – "Intuition and Equalibrum" Album Review || The Ether Report

From the North Pole to Los Angeles, Intuition has been an underground staple since 2007. After 2007’s Stories About Nothing and 2009’s Girls Like Me, Intuition decided to partner up with frequent collaborator Equalibrum for the aptly titled full length project, Intuition and Equalibrum.

The album is clearly Intuition’s most personal to date. While other projects were rather blithe in subject matter, Intuition and Equalibrum was the rapper taking his figurative mask off and staring at himself in the mirror to assess his flaws. From promiscuity to self-esteem issues Intuition tones it down to really reflect on Intuition and Equalibrum.

On an album that was very straight forward in its messages, this is the concept record where Intuition gets his most introspective is the most impressive. On “Dear John” Intuition personifies all of his negative traits; laziness, depression, negativity, promiscuity, and jealousy; speaking to them like old female friends.

“Stubbornness you probably won’t listen
Too busy thinking everybody’s got no vision
That’s low living, closed doors no openin’
Sometimes you gotta play the game you’re not coachin’ it
Got no business, Start taking advice
And stop betting on yourself when you’re shaking the dice
Stop being such a dick when you’re breaking the ice
You got some wise friends, let them in, make them your life”
– Intuition, Dear John

It does itself a disservice by being the last track on the album, but once your ear auto tunes to this one it’s a done deal.

Though we didn’t get to touch on it in our Podcast, I must talk about “Best Fool,” another standout from this project. Equalibrum’s laid back production is the perfect setting for Intuition’s conversational rap style. Anybody who’s ever been through anything can relate to the emotions on display here—coming to a realization, whatever it may be, and deciding to make a change.

“Been a minute since I sprinted pass the point of moving on
Still sending fuck you’s to past employers Hugh and John
I wasted three years doing your stupid job
At least I’m fired and I got time to right these foolish songs”
– Intuition, Best Fool

Equalibrum’s laid back production will be the polarizing piece of this album. In context, it makes sense. Intuition’s Alaskan roots bode well with the cold production and living in Los Angeles has mellowed out the nomadic MC. It also does something positive for Intuition whose rap style is intricate enough to impress, but never sacrifices the messages that come along with it.

On the other hand, the relaxed production can be looked at as the dreaded word in hip hop these days; boring. Also, Intuition’s honest look at himself can be easily considered as self-loathing and off-putting. After two songs you get it, after five you it’s like “okay..,” but pretty much all of the thirteen songs (save two) are negative portraits of Intuition. Other rappers do this, but the trump card is that on songs when he does look to have a good time they are the worst like “1st Day Of Summer.” That can’t be healthy.

All in all, I must say I enjoyed Intuition and Equalibrum. My introduction to the emcees was like a sit down therapy session with me playing the psychologist. I’ve grown fond of rappers who can speak from a human perspective and show their vulnerabilities through music. Intuition and Equalibrum made this project very easy to listen to and digest, something you don’t get much of these days.

*Ether Report Card 7.3 (out of 10)