We Attended The Fun Festival In Austin So We Could Brag About What You Missed (Photos)

Nas | Photo Credit: Andrew Marulanda

Story & Photos by Andrew Marulanda | @thisispocketz

Even though FunFunFun Fest is not a festival focusing on hip hop, it did bring in some of the genres heavy hitters to pack a punch for the crowd. From Run The Jewels to NAS, the artists that made their way to Austin sure did show the crowd how they do things. It all started of with El-P getting the crowd to recite “suck my dick” to Sun Kil Moon, who played at the same time. NAS threw it down with some classics from illmatic, fresh off of the 20 year anniversary of his afformentioned album and the release of his documentary Time Is Illmatic.

Freddie Gibbs | Photo Credit:  @thisispocketz


You also had Freddie Gibbs up on stage talking about the events earlier in the week when he got shot at in NYC after his event. Mean while he would cut off songs and sing “Fuck Police,” with the crowds help.

Wiz Khalifa | Photo Credit:  @thisispocketz

It all culminated with Wiz Khalifa playing his hits to a crowd the responded in the waviest way. All in all FunFunFun was a success. Check out the gallery of photos we caught below.