RG3 And Out? 5 NFL Teams That RG3 Should Join


The honeymoon between the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III is over. It’s been over. And it may be heading for a nastier divorce than his teammate Desean Jackson’s was with the Philadelphia Eagles. It felt like only yesterday that the Redskins mortgaged their future to trade up in the 2012 draft to select Griffin second overall. Griffin went on to have a sensational rookie season, winning Rookie of the Year and striking up the debate of whether the Indianapolis Colts made a tragic mistake taking Andrew Luck ahead of RG3 in the draft.

Well what a difference three years makes. Now Griffin can’t seem to do anything right, the Redskins suck and Luck is now being compared with Peyton Manning. Yikes. So that begs the question—will the Redskins pull the plug on the RG3 Era early? Doubtful. But there still lies a possibility. There have been reports that RG3 has alienated himself from his teammates. In last Sunday’s post-game press conference Griffin said this:

So if Redskins Owner Dan Snyder decides to pull the plug where will Griffin go? Believe it or not Griffin is still a good quarterback and one half the NFL would love to have over their current signal caller (I hope). I believe Griffin is in a slump and will eventually return back to form. So just to have some fun here are five teams that would make for interesting destinations for Griffin if the Redskins run out of patience.