Execution Date Set For Philly Rap Veteran Cool C

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed an execution warrant for Philly rap veteran Cool C.

Known for his “Juice Crew Diss”- which took shots at the New York-based hip hop crew that included heavyweights Kool G. RapBig Daddy Kane, and rap producer Marley Marl-and the rap hit “Glamorous Life,” Cool C’s career was at its peak in the late 1980s. But by 1996 Cool C and fellow Philadelphia rapper Steady B had fallen on hard times. The duo linked up with local rapper Mark Canty, and attempted a bank robbery PNC bank branch in Philadelphia. C-real name Christopher Roney-shot and killed the responding police officer Lauretha Vaird. Vaird, a single mother of two children, was the first female Philadelphia Police officer killed in the line of duty.


Cool C was arrested and on October 30, 1996, convicted of first degree murder. At his subsequent sentencing hearing, the rapper was sentenced to death by lethal injection. His death warrant was signed by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell back in January of 2006, and his execution date was set for March 9, 2006. However, he was granted a stay of execution from Pennsylvania Judge Gary Glazer on February 1, 2006 until all post-conviction litigation was resolved. Cool C has maintained his innocence throughout the trial and appeals process, despite the testimony of three eyewitnesses who placed him at the scene of the robbery, as well as ballistic and forensic evidence that linked him to the murder.

His execution date is set for January 8.