Amanda Bynes' Instagram Account Attacking Celebrities Was Run By An Impostor


For once, I have a reason to defend Amanda Bynes! The most recent gossip revolving around the former actress is the Instagram account AmandaBynesFashion that  has been bashing other celebrities without any censors whatsoever. Some of the worst posts have been accusing one celeb of having an STD and another of having a small penis. (Ouch!)

However, TMZ has just learned that these attacking posts are at fault of an impostor! After a lawyer of a celeb reached out to Amanda’s lawyer, evidence was presented proving that Amanda was not the one responsible for the posts. Once it was brought to Bynes’ attention, the Instagram account was shut down.

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But not to worry, Amanda is still doing a massive amount of posting on her Twitter account. The worst part? She is attacking her own family instead of other celebrities. Uh oh…