Bodega Bamz Confirms 'Sidewalk Exec' & Debuts New Single

Back in October 2012, Bodega Bamz dropped Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z., the tape that left everyone craving more. Since then, he’s continued to steadily build his buzz. He released Sunday Service  just four months ago and has continued teasing us with more new tracks.

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At last, the Spanish Harlem rapper announces his debut album Sidewalk Exec. And though he’s given no release date just yet, he compensates with his new single, “El-Rey,” available on iTunes.

A sidewalk exec, it’s the boss of the corner,” Bamz tells MTV as he explains the title for his debut album.

“In this rap game we already have the perspective of the hustler, we already got the perspective of the major player in the hood, but we never got the perspective of the connect, we never got the perspective of the dude that’s supplying these other dudes. I want to be that dude that brung that story in the game, because I’m a Spanish dude, I’m Latin, in the hood they call me Papi. So I’m the connect in this rap game, anything you need I’m going to give it to you. “