One of Bill Cosby's Alleged Victims Discovered To Have Criminal Record


After multiple sexual assault allegations have been made against Bill Cosby, TMZ got their hands on a story that may help the actor’s sticky situation.

One of the alleged victims Linda Joy Traitz claimed that Cosby drugged and assaulted her over 40 years ago. Shortly after making her public claim, on Facebook she wrote, “He drove out to the beach and opened a briefcase filled with assorted drugs and kept offering me pills…” Oh boy!


However, sources have revealed that Traitz was recently released from prison! She was charged and arrested for various crimes including ID fraud, batter, theft, and various drug offenses.


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Naturally Cosby’s lawyer Marty Singer had a field day. According to TMZ, Singer stated that Traitz is, “the latest example of people coming out of the woodwork with unsubstantiated or fabricated stories about my client.” Singer later added “There was no briefcase of drugs and the story is absurd.”