Sporting*Goods: LeBron’s Homecoming, Brady vs Manning XVI, Cubs All Maddon & More

1. Manning vs Brady XVI

Brady vs Manning

There are few rivalries that rival Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. In a time in the NFL where there are few great rivalries (49ers vs Seahawks and Giants vs Cowboys and maybe a couple others) the Brady vs Manning is in a class of its own. It is in the same esteem as other legendary rivalries like Magic vs. Bird and Ali vs. Frazier.

Sunday marked the 16th time the two faced off with Brady quietly dominating the rivalry 10-5. Manning may hold all the passing records when it’s all said and done, but Brady will always lead in one category—victories. Sunday was no different. Despite being outmatched with weapons Brady made due with his one monster and little slot receiver, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Those three led the Pats in a 43-21 statement win.

Manning played subpar compared to the hot streak that he was coming in on. He finished the game with 438 yards with 2 touchdowns, but also two interceptions. Brady on the other side put up 333 yards with 4 touchdowns and an interception.

The Patriots now retake their throne atop the AFC as they now stand a great chance of landing home field advantage throughout the playoffs. With not many contenders (if any) aside from the Broncos, it looks like we might get a 17th (and possibly final) meeting between the two quarterback legends.