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2. Even Stevens

The word dynasty is thrown a lot more than it should be in sports. So what is a dynasty exactly? I believe it is dominating championship victories in a five year span. Whether it is done the old-fashioned way like the Yankees, Bulls, or Lakers way with three-peat or the Spurs and Patriots way with three titles in five years—if you win multiple titles in a short period of time you’re a dynasty. This week the MLB welcomed its first dynasty since the late 90s dynasty, the San Francisco Giants.

Riding the left arm of Madison Bumgarner the Giants rode their way into the record books and cemented three World Series titles in five years. The scary part? No one in that nucleus (Buster Posey, Bumgarner, Pablo Sandoval) is 30-years-old. They seem to only like winning the World Series on even years so you can go ahead and write them off for 2015, but if you’re into gambling it would make sense to put some money on the Giants winning the World Series in 2016.