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5. College Chaos Rankings

The first time doing anything is rough. Whether it is riding a bike, asking a girl out–or voting on the four best teams in college football for the first ever playoffs. The first time is always the toughest. No matter which teams made the initial four there was going to be an argument as to why teams ranked five, six and seven didn’t make it.

The voting process is as easy as Calculus so I won’t begin to explain the rankings. The initial four playoff teams were Florida State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Auburn. Florida State and Mississippi State were no brainers, but Ole Miss and Auburn were a little generous. This weekend the latter two faced off in a great game which Auburn won 35-31 meaning Ole Miss is likely done. Alabama and Oregon should be the two vying for the newly opened spot.

It’s a crap-shoot either way. Every week there can be an upset especially in the tough SEC West where Alabama, Auburn and Mississippi State play so while these are the initial rankings I highly doubt these four teams will be there at the end of the year. I’d be shocked if two of those teams are there at the end of the season. But, as usual it should be an entertaining and controversial ending.