Parents of Amanda Bynes Have Officially Cut Her Off


Unfortunately, Amanda Bynes has not yet figured out how to avoid a scandalous headlines. According to TMZ, after recently being released from psychiatric care, the former actress has claimed that her parents will not provide her with money for a place to live. Her parents have already provided Bynes with gift cards ranging from $50 to $100 daily, but the money flow has finally been put to a stop leaving Bynes completely on her own.

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In the meantime, Bynes has been staying with three of her associates in West Hollywood because her parents claim to be too exhausted to have her under their roof again. Not to mention, her parents are still angry at Amanda’s public and aggressive outbursts after they forced her into psychiatric care. However, it’s not exactly a coincidence that Amanda has started to delete the blasphemous tweets towards her parents so they will re-open their wallets and unfreeze her assets which are valued at $5.7 million. I can’t even say that I am surprised.