NFL Suspends Adrian Peterson For Remainder Of Season


The whole world knew the next player to screw up in the NFL would be made an example of. Adrian Peterson was that player. In the aftermath of his child assault case dealing with the over-the-top punishment of his son, the league has given Peterson a lengthy punishment. The rest of the season without pay and illegible to be reinstated until at least April 15, 2015. For the record Peterson was receiving game checks this entire time so his pockets are not strapped for cash by any means.

Peterson said he will appeal the suspension, but the likelihood of a successful appeal is slim to none. However the Vikings star running back can finagle his way onto the field this Sunday against Green Bay while his appeal plays out according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. Since he was technically suspended by the Vikings until the trial played out he is free to return as his NFL suspension appeal plays out.

In the wake of the Ray Rice debacle the league is now going to rule with an iron fist. Any player trying to test that fist will get the business just like Peterson. I highly doubt we will see Peterson for the rest of the season, even if he manages to slide his way into that Green Bay game Sunday. If he is, Vikings fans better take pictures because that will probably be Peterson’s last game in the league for a while and last game wearing a Vikings jersey period.