Young Thug and Lil' Wayne Come Together For "Pass The Torch" In D*C

young thug via, lil wayne via

young thug via, lil wayne via

“Carter VI to X, he did one to five, I’m gonna do six to 10,”
– Young Thug, MTV News

In a year’s time Young Thug has come out of the woodwork and taken the rap world by storm. From the streets, to the clubs, to the radio – you can’t go anywhere without hearing a Young Thug record in rotation. Attribute this to his unique and catchy vocal style and his off-center image. Through his dealings with many of hip hop’s most notable names, including Gucci Mane and Birdman, he’s found himself a part of Cash Money Records’ Rich Gang. Thugga has gone on record time and time again stating his admiration for Lil’ Wayne and his affiliation with Birdman has brought him that much closer, but still – where’s the Young Thug x Lil Wayne collaboration?

They’ve gone on record stating their respect for one another, Thugga in a literal sense and Weezy in the form of mimicking Young Thug’s signature flows on songs like “Grindin’”. The resemblance to Thug’s style is uncanny as Weezy hiccups and shrieks his way through his verses. Anytime an artist pays public homage of this fashion we can assume that it’s a sign of respect, but it goes a little bit deeper than that.

Lil’ Wayne is Young Thug’s favorite rapper. In an interview with Birdman sitting right by his side, Thug imagines himself continuing Wayne’s Carter series after Tunechi wraps it up with the upcoming 5th installment. Young Thug wants to take the reins and create Tha Carter VI-X. It’s the perfect passing of the torch – bye, bye Weezymania, hello Young Thug World.

Wayne’s influence from Thug’s music doesn’t go unprovoked. When Thugga said that Wayne was his favorite rapper, it’s clear that he meant it. Before he became known for his melodic delivery, Thugga had a style reminiscent of ‘07-’10 Wayne. “Jungle,” a song from Young Thug’s 2011 mixtape I Came From Nothing features Thug adopting Wayne’s style down to the trademark laughs. “We Are” sounds like it could have been a Lil’ Wayne reference track.

Now the tables have turned. Wayne is at (what appears to be) the tail end of his career and Young Thug is just heating up. It seems like it’s an act of divinity that both artists come together at this point in their careers. While Drake is a monster in his own right, his brand doesn’t necessarily scream “Weezy Successor.” We have our doubts about Lil’ Twist and Lil’ Chuckie just isn’t on our radar right now. Young Thug seems to be the perfect person to carry on the YMCMB name.

Birdman has been in the mix for a while now, appearing with Young Thugga everywhere that he goes and playing his familiar role on the recently released Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan collaborative mixtape Tha Tour Pt. 1. Apparently, Birdman was able to wrestle Young Thug out of a terrible contract situation with Atlantic Records and has signed him to Cash Money Records. Whatever they’re doing, they’re working and we can all be assured that there are some power moves scheduled for the near future, with Wayne included.

Thug has stated that he has over 100 songs recorded with Wayne, so we can only imagine how much they’ve rubbed off of each other. Did Yoda push Luke or nah? I’d imagine both of them rubbing off on each other as much as possible. The songs exist, but as of now we have no evidence that these two have got on a track together. We can only imagine what they will sound like, but until then…

Why Haven’t They Collaborated Yet?