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Olivver, originally known as Bryan Sammis, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. The former drummer of The Neighbourhood left the American-rock-band on January 16, 2014 to try his chances as a solo artist. The band made its announcement via Tumblr. Since his departure in 2011, he’s released Catharsis and The Broadway Sessions.

He revealed in an interview with W98.7 that he has hopes of  legally change his name because, “he felt no connection to the name Bryan.” Olivver has also revealed that he is co-directing his music videos with help from professionals that are much more experienced. Black and white is a huge part of what he has been using as an artist, and thought it would be best to continue the streak. Olivver aims for a video that you discover new details each time you watch.

“A lot [of videos] these days are ‘pretty’. You watch it once and then you are good.”

Olivver’s new debut EP Freak is expected to release in the near future, though no release date has yet been given. The only clue that he gives is that it’s “coming soon.” However in the meantime, Olivver has made 5 of his B-sides available as a sneak peak. These are tracks that did not make the original album, though he doesn’t specify whether he has kept some of the other rejected tracks under wraps.

He has played multiple shows at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, California, one featuring Jaymes Young. For now, he only sings when up on stage even though he can play a wide variety of instruments. But he does promise that it is not out of the question for the future.



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