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He may be known for his style, Tumblr fame, and hanging out with fashionable dudes like Ian Connor and Glyn Brown, but 20-year-old Ken Rebel is out to prove he’s more than just trendsetter. The Brooklyn-based rapper is ready to build his legacy in the rap game, and with a growing fanbase, the release of his mixtape R.E.B.E.L., and some attention from the TDE Camp it’s certainly possible.

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Ken was already making music during his junior year of high school, but when his senior year rolled around he was getting into so much trouble that his mother wanted him to join the military. While the two were on their way to the military office once day, fans came up to Rebel and went crazy. His mom took inevitably took notice. When the two approached the military office, a sign told them it was closed. They took it for what it was and took the literal sign as a metaphorical one too. Right then and there Ken decided to take his music more seriously. He told AllHipHop:

“I was like well maybe I am supposed to do this shit. So  I’m 19 years old and I’m just counting my blessings man, it’s a really cool thing.”

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Ken used his Tumblr to his advantage to put his self out there, and it wasn’t long until he started getting traffic and a fan base. But don’t get it twisted, none of what he does is “Tumblr rap.” In an interview with Noisey, he said:

“People tell me “oh, you’re a Tumblr rapper.” Do I gotta sign up to be a Tumblr rapper? The thing the youth doesn’t understand is that you call me a Tumblr rapper but you’re still on the internet too. Everything is internet-based. So when you call someone a Tumblr rapper or a Twitter rapper or whatever the fuck people come up with, you’re only insulting yourself. You found me on Tumblr.”

The rapper is also multi-talented, writing and directing his own videos, and dressing to 9’s. Ken wants to enlighten the masses with his music. To date, there’s still no word on when fans can expect the follow-up to the 2013 R.E.B.E.L. mixtape.

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