Tyler, the Creator Freestyles on the “Open Bar” Series With LA Leakers

tyler the creator

Tyler, the Creator is one of my favorite artists in today’s rap game. His personality and natural hilariousness flows through his music, artwork, clothing, etc.

The LA Leakers have an ongoing series on their Lift Off show called “Open Bar” where they throw out a topic and the artist must come up with four bars about it. Tyler was given the topics of grandmas, pregnant girls, bacon, and fucking groupies. If you have ever heard Tyler freestyle then you know it is hilarious and spontaneous. The four bar cap keeps him limited for the first three topics, but he spits a bit more on the groupie topic. Oh, and he’s rapping over OG Maco’s “U Guessed It.”

Check it out above, and pick up tickets to his upcoming tour (I will be at the New Jersey show. Fall through!)

tyler the creator

via Soundcloud