These Girls Ran Away From Home to Join ISIS



Three girls, between ages 15-17 years old, recently skipped class to runaway to Syria and join ISIS. The Sundanese, 15 year old’s father,Assad Ibrahim, received a call from her school letting him know his daughter was missing.

It didn’t take long before he filed a runaway report at the local sheriff’s office. Soon after,Ibrahim phoned Ali Farah,the father of the two 17 and 16 year old Somali girls, to make sure he checked that his daughter’s passports were there. However, they were missing along with $2,000.

It seems as though the girls were planning this for months, and surprisingly haven’t tipped off the FBI. All three searched the web and even viewed extremist chats to try to get some advice on how to actually get to Syria. This is a first though as their parents claim that they never ran away before.

After the two families contacted the FBI, who placed a notice on the girls’ passports,the authorities caught up to them in Frankfurt,Germany and sent them on a plane back home. They soon met with the FBI and it was then revealed that the three had planned to join Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria. The girls were then released and it seems no charges will be pursued.

The FBI is now investigating to see if anyone had helped them, though the parents believe ISIS is to blame. They might not be wrong, after all because of their craft social media usage, ISIS has been attracting more youth from around the world.