Here’s What You Missed From T.I.’s ‘Paperwork’ Album Listening Event At SOBs (Photos)

Ebro x T.I. | Photo Credit: @kymmiceelive

Photo Credit: Kymmi Cee | @kymmiceelive

Last night (October 20) my girl Kymmi and I stopped by SOB’s to check out T.I‘s Paperwork (available on iTunes now). Doors for the 8pm-11pm event opened at 7pm, which gave everyone a chance to get a good seat and eat some food from a buffet that was provided. Yummm. We walked in around 7:30ish and the venue was already packed. One thing that immediately caught my attention were two couches placed right in the middle of the stage. I found out moments later Ebro would be hosting a Q&A with T.I. during the Paperwork listening.

Rosenberg x Ms. Liburd | Photo Credit: @kymmiceelive

While scoping the scene and making my round in the venue I bumped into the REAL Rosenberg. Now, the reason I emphasize the word “REAL” is because on the night of Young Jeezy’s concert at Stage48 (not too long ago), I took a photo with a man whom I swore was Rosenberg (but obviously wasn’t). Of course, the “fake” Rosenberg–whose name is Max by the way and NOT Peter—later uploaded the photo to his Instagram account, which Ebro got a hold of and regrammed. Total fail! At first I was embarrassed, but after meeting Rosenberg and laughing the whole thing off I now see the “good publicity” in it. I mean, at least he’ll never forget who I am, but back to T.I.!

Tip took the stage with Ebro and sat on a pair of comfy looking couches. They began things with a few jokes before getting down to business. Ebro certainly asked the right questions because he had every bit of the audience’s undivided attention. And occasionally, you’d hear a “that’s right!” or “you’re a legend” from the crowd. They even “awed” Ebro when he asked T.I “How do you keep a relationship for 14 yrs like you and Tiny have?” T.I.’s reply, “Mann just find more ways to stay together than to separate.” Almost instinctively at the sweet response, the crowed “awed” T.I this time. He immediately followed up with a, “Eyyyy Don’t. you. do. that. I am a gangster rapper.” Ha! Note taken Tip!


T.I’s Paperwork consist of 18 tracks but last night Hot97’s own DJ Juanyto, who was on the 1’s and 2’s, played us Tip’s latest remix along with records like “KING,” “Private Show” (feat. Chris Brown), “Paperwork” (feat. Pharrell), “G Shit” (feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck), and “Stay” (feat. Victoria Monet—pictured above).

T.I. invited Victoria to the stage, who he described as “soft spoken but one of dopest motherfuckers you’re going to hear at the same time.” She spoke on the hook for “Stay” and why she chose to approach T.I as the artist to work on that track. Victoria said:

“I was just thinking about the state of our race, the best I can do is to express it through music, I can’t go on CNN get an interview tell em stop being violent and stop doing what you doing but the best thing I can do is just write about it and I feel like T.I is the perfect voice for that and what we can do as a community is respond to it…”


Oh, and while we listened to one of T.I’s new tracks, Maino popped out of no where (in typical Maino fashion) and came on stage to say hello to Ebro and T.I. They all seemed excited to see one another, with smiles from ear to ear, giving each other pound after pound.


Now after we listened to T.I’s story behind each track that was played for us we still weren’t done. He welcome Dej Loaf to the stage congratulating and welcoming her to the Columbia Records family. Ebro then asked Dej a few questions on her hit single “Try Me.” He expressed to Dej that she doesn’t look like the type that would want to make his “stomach bubbly” as she says in her record. Her response, “just dont Try Me,” which brought the crowd to laugh out loud (I wouldn’t laugh too hard though if I were you though…she ain’t playin’ dawg!).

As the listening concluded the audience began to disperse, but only after grabbing a photo with T.I. who was nice enough to stay behind for a photo op with each guest. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo with him, but I look forward to personally meeting him in the future.

Now, go cop that Paperwork album if you’re about your paper and like T.I said:

“Fuck that other shit you’re listening to for now simply because there ain’t nothin’ else like this around….as good as you do what you do, you can’t do what I do better than how I do it because if you did I wouldn’t be here for so long.”

Check out the full gallery of flicks taken by my girl Kymmi below.