Rittz Reveals His Top 5 Rappers, A Crazy Yelawolf Story, Liking Auto-Tune & More

Rittz addresses many personal issues on his Next to Nothing album, specifically on the “Basket Case” record. The Atlanta native deals with the double edge sword that is success and questions the motives of his “rap friends.” Rittz spoke to us about his fans being inspired by his story and how he has to remind them that his success may have had a lot to do with luck.

“So many people look at me as the spokesman. Like, “Rittz man. Since you did it i’m going to quit my job and do it (become a rapper) too.” — Everybody can’t do this. I got lucky.”

After clarifying the difference between his personal favorite rappers and who he thinks are the “Top 5 Rappers” in the game right now. Rittz was a bit hesitant to share his list due to the fact that his fans are “anti anything.”

“We going (Top 5) in the game right now? Cause, these aren’t my (personal) top 5 favorite rappers. My fans are going to hate this shit cause my fans are anti anything. I think Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, & Rick Ross.”

Rittz then clarified that despite what people may believe, he is not anti-mainstream.

“I’m a fan of people who rap to the highest level of success. I like auto tune. I like shit like that. As much as I go against trends, I pay attention too. I like the best.”

Later in the interview “White Jesus” elaborates his competitive drinking relationship with close friend Yelawolf, & why he is “The Shot King.”

“We were partying at Tree Sound Studios in ATL. We go shot for shot for shot, for shot. We started to get crazy and started acting like assholes. Me and him just got into who can drink more. Basically, I won. — everybody goes & tell him “i’m the Shot King”.