Raury Talks Being Misunderstood, Kanye & Michael Jackson Influences & Tracks Off “Indigo Child”

A few weeks ago we caught up with Raury during an one of The FADER and vitamin water®  #uncapped music series events.

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The East Atlanta based artist reminisced on his early and humble beginnings, expressing gratitude to the c5 Youth Foundation for playing a key role in where he is today and the type of music he makes. Raury furthered the discussion by delving into tracks off his recently released Indigo Child and being misunderstood.

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Raury shares his appreciation for influences such as  Michael Jackson and Kanye West reminding that, they too, were also misunderstood in the midst of their artistic journey.

“They’re always going to look at you like your insane or crazy or going at it in the wrong way. Nobody will ever understand. It’s always going to be a lot of controversy when it comes to doing what an artist would do. There’s a lot of shit people don’t understand…Michael Jackson used to be beat everyday by his dad. And just because of that, I feel like I’m behind him. Other people like that are like Kanye when he locked himself in the rooms and forced himself to make beats all day.”

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While discussing the heavy workload that comes with being on the road, Raury elaborates on why recently decided to “stop smoking weed.”

“I realized that to write and wake up and you gotta do these shows and not feel like I have 10 extra pounds on me. So yea, I stopped and I just feel a lot better.”