Poor Judgement: Danny Green Takes Selfie At Holocaust Memorial in Germany, Adds Inappropriate Caption

Danny Green

The San Antonio Spurs are over in Germany for a preseason scrimmage with Alba Berlin. While in Berlin players get out and go sight seeing. Spurs guard Danny Green visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and just had to take a selfie (typical light skin move). Green then added the caption “You Know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust”. Really bruh? I don’t expect a role player to have the PR savvy of a star, but Green has to have better judgement than that. He has since taken down the photo and replaced it with the same picture, but different caption.

Green then added a series of tweets.

This isn’t the first Green incident with social media either. Green trolled LeBron James during the NBA Finals after James left Game 1 with cramps. Danny do yourself and team a favor and focus on hitting wide open threes and shut the f up for the rest of your time in San Antonio before Pop gives you the Stephen Jackson treatment.