Everything We Learned About Nas During His Interview With Angie Martinez


Yesterday Nas spent some quality time with Angie Martinez on 105.1 where we got a chance to know what Nas is like when he isn’t busy in the studio. He discusses the premiere of his new documentary, his music preferences, his children, and countless shout outs, we finally are able to get to know Nas a little bit better. 

1. The premiere of Nas’s documentary “Time Is Illmatic” hits theaters today, and only today! It delves into his teenager years and how his experiences in New York’s Queenbridge shaped him to be the artist that he is today. It has been featured in Queensbridge, the Museum of Modern Art, and opened up the Tribeca Film Festival.(:45)

2. Nas stopped Angie from playing Jay-Z’s Ether after a caller requested the song. He doesn’t doubt that the track is a classic but claims that it’s just too old for his taste. He admits the song is difficult to listen to because it is meant to dis Nas and Mobb Deep. He just chocks it up by saying “History is history; you can’t change it” (5:20)

3. He did reveal that in the near future, in as soon as within the next few days, new music will be released. (7:40)

4. He hung out with long time friend, Stout, last night to which he revealed is doing great and has many new ideas up his sleeve.(8:30)

5. If Nas could have any car, he would have to go with a 300 Mercedez Benz. However, he was given a Black Rolls Royce for his birthday but might pass it down to his 20 year old daughter because it draws in too much attention. (9:26)

6. Nas has a 5 year old son that he has grown up talks with. It could range from the things he has seen on tv to things he has seen on the street. The intuitive 5 year old isn’t afraid to ask questions and is even starting to show some rapping skills. (11:23)

7. Nas said, “I’m a good ally to have. I’m never the enemy” regarding his relationships with his baby mamas, which he corrects himself and calls them “the mother of my children.” (12:48)

8. Nas said he would get married again because the world can be a lonely place. But it doesn’t sound like it is going to happen anytime soon due to his initial long silence before answering the question. (13:40)

9. He is super excited about the N.W.A. movie “Striaght Outta Compton”.  (15:49)

10. Like many artists, he’s been to a large handful of clubs where he has been on top of tables and bars with cubans in his hand. (16:30)

11. Nas recently took over Mass Appeal, a mutiple media company and record label with artists releasing new tracks in the very near future. (17:14)

12. Nas recently opened up a shoe/clothing store in Las Vegas. (17:50)

13. Nas would love to explore acting but is definitely more passionate for the behind the scenes positions such as producing and writing. (18:32)

I hope you took notes!