What In The World Happened to Miranda Cosgrove?

Via Okmagazine.com

Via Okmagazine.com

Miranda Cosgrove is not happy about what has happened to her career and why should she be? The iCarly star blames her career collapse on two reckless drivers that caused her to lose millions. Up to $2.5 million to be exact, according to her team.

After Miranda sued, she also recently filed paperwork explaining exactly why the amount is that large. According to her, she suffered a number of extensive injuries during her time on her tour bus, which put a halt on over 20 of her concerts, costing around $400,000. But that’s not all, Miranda says she also lost revenue for futures shows that total up to $560,000 and then lost two contracts.

Sony Music apparently exed out the star, after her incident because they were depending on her touring. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, Neutrogena stoppe a possible $400,000 contract because of her injuries.

Poor Miranda, we hope you get better luck soon.